Censored Female Kpop Albums

I was reading an online article about  Melovaz , an Iranian music streaming site that photo shops women out of album cover art. I decided to check it out and was surprised to see so many different categories listed on there.  From Bollywood to bluegrass, Gospel to Metal and even K-pop! There's not that many artists listed in the K-pop category, but of the ones that are it's interesting to see which groups are included and how it's been censored.


Chungha, Sunmi, and Itzy
Chungha, Sunmi, and Itzy
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Produce 101 Season 2 Recap - Episode 0

Produce 101 is a reality survival program that seeks to put together the next big k-pop group by having the viewers vote for their favorite trainees. The first season aired in South Korea in 2016 and the show and it's debut girl group, i.o.i,  was met with massive popularity and recognition from the public. The second season which aired in 2017 focused on the debut of a boy group and was met with equal if not even bigger success. The main concept is there are 101 trainees, and through eliminations only the top 11 can debut in the final group.

 I watched season 2 as it aired two years ago and was there for all the hype and thought it would be fun to look back on the season and that it would give me a chance to practice my Korean. I wasn't aware that there was an episode that aired before the first one, "episode 0" because I can't seem to find any subbed version of it online. So this is fun for me in that it's like finding a lost episode! Without further ado, let's look back on this season of Produce 101 and I hope we can remember and enjoy all the highs and lows that this show brought, in the words of Boa, let's showtime!

나야나 (Nayana) rough translation is "it's me, me"

Nayana is the main theme song of this season and Mnet aired a special performance version of this song a couple of weeks before the first episode and some trainees garnered a lot of buzz online afterwards (ex. winkboy, Moonbok, center Lee Daehwi)

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Korean Practice 1

제 취미는 집에서 빈둥빈둥거리면서  TV보는 거구요 ...

My Hobby is fiddling around the house watching TV

KQ translates 빈둥빈둥 as fiddling but I can't find any other translation for this word. It might be similar to "roam around, lounge, being lazy"

인형 모으는 것도 취미고, 저는 이렇게 혼자말하는 것도 잘하고요.

I collect dolls, and I'm also good at talking to myself like this

제가 많이 보고 싶을 거예요, 저도 많이 보고싶거든요. 그러니까 우리 서로 조금만 참읍시다. 약속.

I know you can't wait to see me, because I can't wait to see you either, so let's just hold on for a little bit more, promise.

Choi San — quotes from KQ Ateez ASMR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn5Oyi4aZiw